What technology do you use?

The science of eye care is evolving at astonishing speed. VLEC is committed to keeping up with the very latest innovations and technologies in order to provide you with the most advanced treatments available today. That is why VLEC is almost always the first eye centre in British Columbia to introduce new technologies and expertise as they emerge.

What is the difference between LASIK, PRK and ICL implantable contact lenses? How can I make the right choice?

LASIK involves creating a corneal flap on the surface of the eye. The older traditional method uses a blade, while modern LASIK eye surgery involves using a laser to create the flap. A second laser is used to recontour the surface of the eye to correct the vision. PRK requires removal of the thin outermost layer of the eye usually with a brush or spatula and then reshaping the other layer with a laser to correct the vision.
ICL(implantable contact lens) is the newest generation of vision correction. It is not performed by laser. The surgeon makes a small incision in the cornea and inserts an implantable contact lens behind the iris that corrects the vision. It is more predictable and likely safer then LASIK and PRK.
If you have dry eye, thin corneas, higher prescription myopia or astigmatism and there is enough space in the eye to accommodate an ICL, it is your best choice.
LASIK in well-selected patient gives an equally quick return to good vision as ICL, but there are many patients who are not a good candidate for LASIK.
PRK typically is the least expensive surgery with a slower recovery time and somewhat less predictable vision then LASIK or ICL.

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