Our surgeonDr. John F. Blaylock

Internationally renowned surgeon and innovator in eye surgery.

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At Valley Laser Eye Centre, we understand how precious your vision is to you and are committed to detail, quality, integrity and the best possible outcomes for you and your eyes.

Ranked as one of the top laser eye centres in North America, VLEC offers you the broadest range of the most scientifically advanced eye surgery options in British Columbia.

This allows us to tailor your treatment to your unique needs, lifestyle and budget, with safety and effectiveness always our # 1 priority.

“Eyes are amazing, so fascinating. I get to look at them on a microscopic level every time I perform surgery.
They require such a gentle and precise touch.”

Dr. John Blaylock

Internationally renowned. Over 20 years’ experience

With over 60,000 surgeries to his personal credit, Dr. Blaylock performs the vast majority of procedures at VLEC and has been practicing in the Abbotsford area since 1989.

A recognized leader and pioneer in eye surgery, he developed The Blaylock Procedure™. He is also an international speaker and has produced a number of publications on refractive and cataract surgery.

Dr. Blaylock grew up and played junior hockey in Ottawa. He had a three year professional hockey career, which ended in 1977. He has lived in Abbotsford for 25 years and is a traveller, Iyengar yoga practitioner and avid reader – happily married and proud father of five.