What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a natural part of aging, and usually starts to occur as you enter your mid 40s. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects. It's a natural, but annoying part of aging.

Signs and symptoms of Presbyopia

  • the need to hold reading material at arm's length
  • problems focusing on small objects and/or fine print
  • difficulty seeing in dim light and eyestrain

This can be very frustrating, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and can’t quite picture yourself wearing reading glasses, bi-focals or tri-focals. Fortunately, we can fix this!

What causes presbyopia?

As we age, your eye’s natural lens looses elasticity so you cannot focus at near as well as when you were younger.

What are my eye surgery options for presbyopia?

VLEC offers you the world’s best eye surgery for presbyopia. Refractive lensectomy is the only and best option.