All Laser Lasik

All laser LASIK (with Customvue™/iDesign™) is the only refractive surgical eye procedure sanctioned by NASA. All laser LASIK is the ultimate LASIK procedure, and the result of a decade’s worth of technical refinement. It is truly personalized. All laser LASIK treatment is completely customized to you, based on your individual vision dynamics, and the results are outstanding.

What is all laser LASIK (iLasik) eye surgery?

The first step in the all laser LASIK procedure is to perform a series of tests to determine the individual characteristics of your vision. The wavefront analysis system (CustomVue/iDesign/VSSR) creates a 3-D map of the unique imperfections of your eyes, thereby allowing your eye surgeon to design your custom eye treatment.

Your surgeon then uses an Intralase iFS™ femtosecond laser to create a superior-quality LASIK flap. Once the flap is lifted, the wavefront laser treatment is applied by the Visx S4 laser with IRIS registration and pupil centration.

Why opt for all laser LASIK?

All laser LASIK is simply the safest, most state-of-the-art technology available, and allows us to perfectly customize the treatment to you and the unique dynamics of your eyes so you experience the very best vision correction possible.

How long does all laser LASIK surgery take?

All laser LASIK (iLasik) surgery generally takes 20 minutes for both eyes.

Does all laser LASIK hurt?

All laser LASIK is a painless procedure, although some patients may feel mild pressure during eye surgery.

What are the benefits of all laser LASIK eye surgery vs wearing contact lenses?

Apart from the obvious amazing benefits of not requiring contact lenses or glasses to see with, laser eye surgery is safer. The costs of surgery are also much less when compared to the cost of contact lenses or glasses over a lifetime. There is also an emotional cost in terms of worry, anxiety and inconvenience of time when pursuing laser vision correction. Be sure to ask your laser surgeon lots of questions.