Custom PRK

Custom PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is the industry’s most advanced version of the original PRK laser eye surgery. The difference is that it involves using wavefront-guided Customvue™/iDesign™ treatments with Visx S4 laser technology . Where PRK provides good results, patients who undergo Custom PRK experience superior visual outcomes.

What your eye surgeon will do:

Using an Amoil’s brush, your surgeon removes the outer layer of the cornea and then reshapes it using the Visx S4 laser with iris registration and pupil centration. A protective bandage contact lens is placed on your eye for three to four days while the tissue heals. On day 4, you return to VLEC and have the lens removed.

Why opt for the custom PRK procedure?

Custom PRK is the preferred treatment for people with thin corneal tissue.

How long does custom PRK surgery take?

We usually require that you spend 15-20 minutes in the operating room for surgery on both of your eyes.

Does custom PRK surgery hurt?

Custom PRK surgery is painless. Approximately 15% of people, however, will experience significant discomfort after PRK surgery, which can be soothed with topical anesthetic and oral pain relievers.

How long do I have to stay after surgery?

Following Custom PRK surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room and, once you are feeling comfortable, you will be able to go home. This usually takes 30 minutes.

Do I need to be accompanied?

Yes. You need to be accompanied on the day of surgery and for all your follow-up exams until day 4 after surgery, when your contact lens will be removed. We kindly ask that your companion wait for you in the comfortable downstairs reception area.

What is my recovery time after PRK surgery?

Dr. Blaylock recommends quiet time at home, perhaps resting or watching TV, for the 4 days following your procedure. You can usually go back to work within 5 days of surgery, although Dr. Blaylock suggests taking off the remainder of the work week for a more comfortable recovery.