ICL-Implantable contact lenses

ICL, are contact lenses that are surgically inserted into the eye. They provide excellent quality of vision with predictable and stable results. And are removable!

If you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s and have extreme myopia and astigmatism (-6 to -25 diopters) or hyperopia (+3 to +8 diopters), thin or relatively unhealthy corneas, ICL may be your best alternative – as LASIK or PRK eye surgery may not be safe for your eyes.

We can now offer EVO - Visian ICL for patients with astigmatism, see features below!

*Sharp, clear vision
*Does not induce dry eye syndrome
*Excellent night vision
*Great for those with thin corneas
*UV protection built into the biocompatible lenses
*Resume daily activites in just a few short days

What is ICL eye surgery?

During ICL surgery, your eye surgeon will make a 3mm incision in the cornea using a microkeratome. The implantable contact lens is placed into the eye, in front of the lens and behind the iris.

Why opt for ICL eye surgery?

With the ICL, you can achieve high-definition vision without many of the risks associated with LASIK or PRK. Rather than changing the shape of the cornea as in LASIK eye surgery, implantable lenses are placed inside the eye to enhance the focusing abilities of the eye’s natural lens, providing excellent quality of vision for a wide range of vision correction.

Are ICL's safe?

The safety and effectiveness of the ICL implantation procedure has been proven with over 400,000 implants worldwide as well as U.S. FDA approval. Unlike corneal refractive surgery(PRK and LASIK), ICL does not permanently alter the structure of the eye.

How long does the ICL eye surgery take?

The ICL eye surgery usually takes about 45 minutes for both eyes.

Does the ICL eye surgery hurt?

The ICL eye surgery is painless and you should experience little to no discomfort following surgery.

How long do I have to stay after ICL eye surgery?

Following the ICL eye surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area for about 30 minutes or until you are feeling well and comfortable. You can then leave, but have to come back to VLEC 2 hours later for an assessment.

Do I need to be accompanied on ICL eye surgery day?

Yes, you need to be accompanied on the day of surgery – including the follow-up appointment 2 hours later – and for your follow-up exam 24 hours after surgery. We kindly ask that your companion wait for you in the comfortable downstairs reception area.

What is my recovery time after ICL eye surgery?

Most of our patients see well within 24 hours. Doctor Blaylock recommends quiet time at home, perhaps resting or watching TV, for 24 hours following your procedure. You can usually go back to work after 24 hours, although Dr. Blaylock suggests taking off the remainder of the workweek for a more comfortable recovery. Some patients (less than 1% at VLEC) may need laser eye surgery following the lens implant procedure to fine-tune results. This can be performed 3-4 months following the initial procedure and is provided free of charge during the first year.

How much does ICL eye surgery cost?

The cost of ICL is 4000$/per eye (pre op, post op and enhancement included*)
*Some conditions may apply