Laser Cataract Surgery LenSx® Technology

The LenSx® laser is an advanced laser technology that operates with unmatched precision and computer-control, helping surgeons customize your cataract surgery. It is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients.

A custom tailored solution for you eyes

While all human eyes share the same basic anatomical structure, every eye is just a bit different in terms of size, curvature of the cornea and other key features. The LenSx® laser uses a range of highly advanced technologies – including integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) – to capture incredibly precise, high-resolution images of your eyes. These images – and the measurements and data they provide – are then used to plan and perform a surgery to exacting specifications not attainable with traditional surgery.

Computer control to ensure unmatched precision and accuracy every step of the way.

The LenSx® laser adds computer-control to key steps of cataract surgery. Its unique software control system analyzes high-resolution OCT images of your eyes; helps the surgeon to design a customized procedure; and then, visualizes and performs the procedure on command from the surgeon. To further enhance accuracy, a patient interface connects your eye to the image-guided surgical unit, so that both the LenSx® laser computer and the surgeon commanding it have incredibly precise, real-time images during the laser procedure.

What is the difference between bladed and laser cataract surgery?

Traditional bladed cataract surgery has been the most commonly performed cataract surgery in North America for over twenty five years. It requires a steady hand to create the incisions and breakup the cataract inside the eye. It provides acceptable outcomes. With laser cataract surgery there has been a dramatic improvement in the precision , safety and visual outcomes from surgery. At VLEC we provide the worlds' best eye surgery, including laser cataract surgery.

Will I have to wear glasses after LenSx® surgery?

Cataract surgery provides an excellent opportunity to become glasses free for the rest of your life.The LenSx® Laser significantly improves the visual outcomes that people achieve after surgery as compared to traditional bladed surgery.

What is my recovery time after laser cataract surgery?

Rest and sleep as much as possible for the first 24 hours. You can return to work the following week. Do not rub your eye for one week after surgery.

Am I a candidate for laser cataract surgery?

Almost all patients with cataracts can choose to have their cataract removed with the LenSx® technology.

Do I need to be accompanied on the day of cataract surgery?

Yes. You need to be accompanied on the day of your cataract surgery and for your 24-hour follow-up visit. We kindly ask that your companion wait for you in the comfortable downstairs reception area.