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Are You at the Right Age to Get LASIK Surgery? Let's Find Out!
Are you thinking of getting LASIK surgery soon? If you are, you might be thinking if it’s right for you. LASIK has some general guidelines that can help you identify if now is the best time to get one.
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Man in his mid 30's wearing glasses, wondering if LASIK surgery is right for him.
LASIK Surgery during Pregnancy: Is It Safe or Not?
To answer the question of whether LASIK is safe or not during pregnancy, we need to look at the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Some of those changes may have some effect on your eyes, which in turn, will determine if you’re eligible for LASIK surgery.
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Pregnant woman considering if LASIK surgery is safe or not
How Reading Vision Can Be Corrected with Laser Eye Surgery
Eyesight problems are quite common, especially for people who are advanced in age. Luckily, there are ways to remedy this. One of the most effective ways to counteract reading vision problems is through the use of laser eye surgery.
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Elderly woman suffering from presbyopia trying to read the screen of her tablet
Undergoing Laser Eye Surgery: 3 Life-Changing Benefits
If you’re ready to experience life in a new light, this article discusses three benefits you should expect after undergoing laser eye surgery.
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Woman smiling because she doesn't need to wear glasses anymore after her laser eye surgery
Busting Common Long-Standing Myths Surrounding LASIK
There are so many misconceptions around LASIK surgery that you may have heard one or two already. Some of these myths include how much time the surgery takes, how painful it is, and the like. Read on to learn the truth behind such myths.
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Man with glasses looking curious and wondering about the common LASIK myths
Dealing with ICL Surgery: Preparation and Aftercare
If you’ve had trouble with your eyesight due to short-sightedness (myopia) or astigmatism, you may need to look into procedures like Implantable Contact Lens Surgery (ICL surgery). This type of surgery is beneficial to those who want to have their vision enhanced without wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses.
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Patient at Valley Laser Eye Centre in the waiting room before their ICL surgery