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5 Things to Consider Prior to Getting a LASIK Procedure - What to Know
There's no denying the popularity of LASIK surgery among types of refractive surgery, as the vast majority of LASIK surgery results are extremely effective. Know, however, that to be a right candidate for this procedure, you must consider five valuable things that we've outlined in this article.
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Valley Laser Eye Centre patient wearing glasses before having eye surgery performed
Why Get LASIK Surgery Now - What to Know
We understand how tiring it is to fumble over your night table, searching for your glasses, or spending that extra 10 minutes in the morning trying to groggily put in your contacts. For these reasons, a lot of glasses and contact lens users consider getting LASIK eye surgery to make their lives simpler and easier.
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Valley Laser Eye Centre patient leaving the clinic after receiving eye surgery
3 Diet Tips to Boost Your Vision - What to Know
As it turns out, a healthy diet offers a feast for sore eyes as certain nutrients like zinc, copper, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene can reduce the chances of age-related decline in eyesight by a whopping 25%. To that end, this article explores all the food groups that can help sate the needs of your eyes.
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4 Tips to Help You Select the Best Laser Eye Surgery Company
Are you looking to have laser surgery performed on your eyes? If you are, then it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the companies that offer laser eye surgery. While it’s tempting to give up on finding the best deal in the sea of different offerings, all you need to do is keep these four tips in mind.
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Valley Laser Eye Centre patient checking in at front desk
Running out of Gift Ideas? Try Paying for Someone's LASIK Eye Surgery
Are you tired of giving the same simple gifts to your loved ones? If you want to step up your gift-giving game and wow someone special, try giving them the gift of LASIK Eye Surgery. LASIK treatment can remove the glasses that have been framing your face since you were in middle school. It can also remove all the disadvantages that only a glasses-wearer can relate to. Read this post to learn all of the benefits of gifting someone you love with a LASIK eye surgery.
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The Best Remedies for Dry Eyes Caused by LASIK Surgery - Our Guide
Although LASIK surgery is effective in improving vision, a common side-effect is dry eye syndrome. Other causes of dry eye syndrome include overexposure to digital screens and constant wearing of contact lenses.
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Man applying eye drops to relieve dry eye syndrome with black background