5 Tips to Relax Before Your Bladeless Lasik Surgery – Our Guide

An upcoming medical procedure, such as LASIK, can make you feel nervous. It’s completely understandable to feel this way. Fortunately, there are proven ways that can help reduce your anxiety before your surgery, and we’ll be sharing some of them in the sections below.

1. Trust the Expertise and Technology

Laser eye surgery is one of the greatest innovations in the healthcare industry today. It’s effective and produces lasting results. If you’re feeling anxious before your surgery, take comfort in knowing that technology and your doctor’s expertise are on your side. You can also read and listen to success stories from people who have undergone the procedure to help calm your nerves.

Additionally, keep in mind that only highly-trained doctors who specialize in eye health can perform the procedure. This should be a somewhat comforting thought because you know you’d be in good hands. The technology used for this specific eye surgery is so advanced that over 90% of people who undergo LASIK achieve 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contacts.

2. Do a Muscle Relaxation Technique

Your muscles tense up when you’re nervous, which can be uncomfortable. Days before the laser eye surgery, make an effort to practice muscle relaxation techniques. One effective technique that you can quickly do is progressive muscle relaxation, and this will help you become more aware of the difference between tension and relaxation.

For this exercise, try to tense your shoulder and neck muscles for a few seconds and follow it up with a more extended period of relaxation. When you’re waiting at the doctor’s offer for your procedure, do this to help you relax. It will also keep your mind off of things while you wait for your turn. Chances are that, when you’re already prepped for the surgery, all your fears will have melted away.

3. Practice Visualization

Aside from muscle relaxation, you can practice visualization. Visualization is a mental exercise that can help you remain calm. Close your eyes and think of a special place that makes you happy. You can even perform guided meditation on your phone a few days before the surgery, and you can easily pull up the same calming images in your head when it’s finally the day of your procedure.

4. Talk To Your Doctor

Before the surgery, it’s essential to talk to your doctor regarding your concerns and anxiety. Your doctor will explain to you the entire operation, allowing you to understand the steps involved to calm your anxieties.

Moreover, you will be more at ease when you know that your doctor is aware of your anxiety over the procedure. Use this opportunity to ask questions and find reassurance in your doctor’s answers. After all, knowledge is power. When you know what to expect, especially in medical procedures, you will less likely be worried about what can happen.

5. Consider a Sedative

If you can’t help feeling nervous, you can ask your doctor if he or she can give you a sedative to calm your nerves during the procedure. A laser eye surgery is typically an outpatient procedure, but it won’t hurt to ask for something to help you feel more relaxed.


If you are anxious about laser eye surgery, these tips are what you can do to make you less anxious. It would also help to have the procedure done in a reliable and safe facility.

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**DISCLAIMER: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional. **



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