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Senior man using a tablet, wondering if he is too old to get LASIK eye surgery

The Real Deal About LASIK: Am I Too Old for It?

Although LASIK doesn’t have an age limit, a particular age range is getting the treatment. The reason is that there is a time when our eyes are stable enough to get LASIK, and then it could change after that. Truth be told, there is a LASIK sweet spot in our younger years, making it the safest and most effective time to get it.

What Kind of Cataract Do You Have? Get to Know the Various Types

A cataract is an eye condition that makes a person’s vision cloudy or blurry. It usually results from old age and the buildup of protein on your eye lens. Luckily, anyone with this eye disorder can now undergo immediate cataract surgery to restore their vision.

Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosing Cataracts

This condition occurs when the tissues inside the eye lens start to clump together. That formation is what causes the cloudy areas in one’s vision. Since there is a blockage in the eye, the light cannot fully enter and pass through it, limiting them from seeing a sharp image.