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The latest on Eye Surgeries

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Refractive Lens Exchange: How It Works for Farsightedness
Refractive Lens Exchange is similar to cataract surgery. What happens during one is that the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens that will help the patient get better eyesight. This is done on patients with farsightedness.
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Close up of a middle aged womans eye, she has had refractive lens exchange surgery
Understanding Astigmatism and How It Can Worsen Over Time
Depending on your situation, your astigmatism symptoms could become worse, especially if you’re facing refractive cases or other eye issues. Keep reading below to learn more about astigmatism to give you a better idea of handling it.
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Light streak from car tail lights, visualizing the symptoms of astigmatism
Uveitis: What It Is and What You Need to Know About It
If you experience sudden pain in your eye, it pays to determine what caused it. If the pain is a burning sensation, and you notice inflammation of your eye, you may have uveitis. This is an inflammatory condition of the eye caused by trauma to the eye, an infection, or a specific underlying disease.
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An eye with inflammation due to uveitis
Will LASIK Surgery Work as a Treatment for Farsightedness?
When a person’s eyesight starts to blur, it can be a sign of myopia or hyperopia. Myopia means being nearsighted, where you can only see things clearly if they are close to you. On the other hand, hyperopia means being farsighted, where you can only see things clearly if they are at a certain distance from you.
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Close up of a persons eyes after having LASIK eye surgery to treat presbyopia
What You Should and Shouldn’t Do After a Laser Eye Surgery
Although laser eye surgery isn’t as physically demanding as other surgical procedures, one still needs to recover to ensure the eyes heal accordingly. Here are some things you need to do to take care of your eyes after laser eye surgery.
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Laser eye surgery patient outside in the sun, wearing UV-protective sunglasses
What MMA Athletes Should Understand About LASIK Surgery
Famous sports personalities who have gotten LASIK surgery are Lebron James, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, and “Sugar” Shane Mosley. If you are considering getting LASIK done, read further to know more about it.
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Young MMA fighter who has had LASIK surgery