A Clearer View into the Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Laser eye surgery (LASIK) is a viable solution for those who suffer from blurred vision. While some are content with wearing glasses and contact lenses, some prefer to undergo LASIK to “fix” their eyesight. It all comes down to personal preferences!

However, there are certain advantages to going for a LASIK treatment as well. While it may seem like an intimidating procedure to go through, the process is pretty simple and safe. It is handled by experts and may require only a few days to fully recover from.

If you’re still apprehensive about it, no worries, as here are a couple of helpful pieces of information that may further clear up what laser eye surgery is all about.

A Clear Advantage over Glasses and Contact Lenses

Laser eye surgery enables you to enjoy the benefits of having a 20/20 vision without the help of glasses or contact lenses. Many may argue that there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses, and indeed, they are right. Glasses have a tendency to emphasize your facial features, further bringing out your good looks and charisma.

However, there are some who do not like to carry around specs just for the sake of reading! Some glasses aren’t ergonomic as well, with many of them leaving marks on the upper part of your nose after wearing them for a long time. They also get in the way of wiping off sweat, causing pimples and skin marks over time.

Meanwhile, while many would argue its convenience, contact lenses have their disadvantages as well. For one, they are a bit time-consuming to put on! Utmost care should be given to avoid damaging it; otherwise, you may injure yourself in the process.

Undergoing LASIK would at least enable you to overcome these disadvantages while at the same time giving you the confidence to walk out without the worry of bumping into someone.

A Primer on Laser Eye Surgery

The procedure is safe and simple, well enough for you to not even realize that it’s already finished. Basically, it is done with the use of a laser that is programmed to remove a certain amount of tissue from your cornea. The laser cuts a flap on the top layer, about the size of a contact lens!

Do not be intimidated by the terms “laser” and “cut,” as topical anesthetic drops are used to numb your eye. This means that you will never feel any pain while it’s being done.

Now, the duration time for you to recover will vary. Some recover after a day; others recover after two to five days. Nonetheless, even the recovery stage is painless, given that it isn’t an extensive procedure. The first few hours after the surgery, you will still experience blurred vision, but after that, your sight will slowly clear up, enabling you to enjoy 20/20 vision again.


Laser eye surgery is an innovation that enables people to experience life with clear eyesight. Understandably, many people have second thoughts about it as they are concerned about the safety of the procedure, seeing that it involves the use of a laser! However, such a procedure has been proven and tested to be safe time and time again. With the countless testimonies of people who regained their 20/20 vision after many years of living with glasses, the procedure has made its mark in the history of medical breakthroughs.

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