Are Implantable Contact Lenses Better Than LASIK Surgery?

Thousands of patients suffering from eye problems have benefited from the wonders of laser eye surgery. While it is an effective treatment to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, not every patient can be considered a candidate for the procedure. So, does that mean non-eligible patients have no other alternative than wearing glasses or contact lenses? Actually, there are still other permanent solutions in treating vision problems, one of which is the use of implantable contact lenses (ICL).

What’s an Implantable Contact Lens?

The Visian ICL, also known as the Implantable Collamer® Lens, is an advanced soft material implantable lens used in refractive surgery. The lens is made of a 100% biocompatible collagen copolymer that is inserted inside the eye and works with the eye’s natural lens to provide an improved quality of vision.

The lens is implanted behind the iris and in front of the eye’s natural lens. It’s not unlike a regular contact lens except that it is placed within the eye rather than placed on top of it. ICL provides permanent vision correction plus UV protection to the patient’s eyes. This gives them a quality of vision that is better than when you’re wearing glasses or disposable lenses.

How Is ICL Different from LASIK?

Both ICL and LASIK are excellent vision correction solutions for adults between the ages of 18 and 45. They’re practically equal when it comes to their effectiveness in restoring a patient’s vision. However, both surgeries have wildly different procedures and also have criteria involved.

LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that involves the reshaping of the cornea using a laser instrument. By reshaping the cornea, it allows light to enter the eye to be properly focused on the retina for clearer vision. To be chosen as a candidate for LASIK surgery, you need to pass a list of strict requirements, including having a particular size and thickness of the cornea.

On the other hand, ICL is performed by inserting a Visian lens through a tiny opening in the iris that was made using a laser. The lens is unfolded and is positioned behind your iris and in front of your eye’s natural lens. There, the lens is permanently fixed using stitches. The ICL procedure also has its own criteria for candidates, but it’s not as stringent as that of LASIK treatment.

What Are the Advantages of ICL?

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45 and suffer from a moderate to a severe degree of nearsightedness with or without astigmatism, you can be a candidate for this procedure. Once you’ve undergone the procedure you’ll benefit from a couple of advantages such as:

  • Vision Improvement at All Distances
  • No Dry Eyes
  • Short Recovery Time
  • High Definition Vision
  • UV Protection
  • Maintenance Free
  • Designed to Be Permanent, but Can Be Removed If Needed

It is expected for the patient’s vision to stabilize within one or two weeks after the procedure. You can finally experience a vision that’s sharper, clearer, and more vivid than ever before.


All these benefits make ICL an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery, especially for adults who failed to pass the strict requirements of LASIK surgery. Although technically, the procedure is still not for everybody, a lot more people can benefit from it.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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