Are You at the Right Age to Get LASIK Surgery? Let’s Find Out!

Are you thinking of getting LASIK surgery soon? If you are, you might be thinking if it’s right for you. LASIK has some general guidelines that can help you identify if now is the best time to get one. In most cases, doctors recommend getting the procedure done between the ages of 25 and 40 years old.

Before 18 Years Old

Most doctors won’t perform LASIK surgery on anyone under 18 years of age due to many reasons. The first one is that there could still be some eyesight changes into early adulthood. Second, most kids won’t benefit from LASIK surgery to function.

With that, there’s a minimum age requirement for LASIK to increase the likelihood that eyes are stable, and the refractive error is unlikely to worsen after the surgery.

Most people who get LASIK are nearsighted, and this** tends to worsen throughout childhood** and into early adulthood. That’s why it’s best to have regular eye checkups done for at least two years before the surgery and for your eyeglass prescription to be stable for at least a year before the surgery.

Should your nearsightedness worsen after the surgery, you can have a LASIK enhancement, which is a follow-up procedure that can restore clear vision.


Although mid-twenties is a suitable age for LASIK surgery, your doctor will need to review your previous eye exam records first to see if your prescription has not significantly changed in the past year. In some cases, your doctor may recommend waiting for your prescription to stay the same for two years before the surgery.

Although the surgery is approved for individuals between the ages of 18 and 24, doctors say that these younger patients have specific job or lifestyle requirements hampered by contact lenses.

30s to 40s

The most popular time to get LASIK surgery is between 35 to 40 years old because it is during this time when your vision is most stable. In addition to that, it is during this time when patients are more likely to afford the surgery.

Doctors also find that patients within this age group tend to prefer more years of active lifestyle; therefore, they seek treatments that will reduce their dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses.

50s and Above

When a person reaches 40, their eyes will change, and during this time, most patients develop presbyopia. Presbyopia causes patients to need reading glasses. Although LASIK surgery can be done on patients 50 years old and above, many of them choose to have monovision.

Age Matters in LASIK

Before you get LASIK surgery done, it’s important to be aware of certain information like this to know how it would work for you. Age is a factor in LASIK surgery, but it’s only one aspect of eligibility. That said, there are other factors that must be considered before you get one.


If you’re interested in getting LASIK, speak with your doctor as soon as possible so you can get everything you need in order, such as prescriptions from years ago, so your doctor can check if now is a good time to have the surgery.

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This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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