How Reading Vision Can Be Corrected with Laser Eye Surgery

Elderly woman suffering from presbyopia trying to read the screen of her tablet

Aging brings about many different issues. Eyesight problems are quite common, especially for people who are advanced in age. Yet, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, as your eye’s muscular power and capabilities become progressively dulled over time. Luckily, there are ways to remedy this. One of the most effective ways to counteract reading […]

Busting Common Long-Standing Myths Surrounding LASIK

Man with glasses looking curious and wondering about the common LASIK myths

There are so many misconceptions around LASIK surgery that you may have heard one or two already. LASIK can seem especially daunting when all you know are these myths. Some of these myths include how much time the surgery takes, how painful it is, and the like. Read on to learn the truth behind such […]

Presbyopia: What Are Its Symptoms and How You Can Treat It

An older man with Presbyopia having difficulty reading a newspaper, while in a park

As you age, your eyes eventually lose their muscular power. If you find yourself getting headaches after trying to read for hours or having a hard time focusing on the words on the page, you may be experiencing presbyopia. It is a refractive condition that takes place when the lens in your eyes becomes less […]

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Presbyopia: Our Guide

Elderly woman drinking a coffee inside of a cafe

Many of us hold onto our youth because there are various adverse effects that aging brings into our lives. Aside from its impact on our appearance, it can also influence our ability to do and see things. For one, a change in eyesight is almost inevitable with age. At some point in our lives, probably […]

Are You A Candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange?

Close up of a mans face and eyes

With over one billion people around the world suffering from a vision impairment, it has become crucial to provide a safe space for individuals to get a consultation and a course of action. Thankfully, modern technology has made it possible to correct a wide variety of vision problems. Many laser eye clinics and other vision […]

Clear Vision: 3 Surgeries for Patients With Presbyopia

Senior woman who suffers from Presbyopia reading from her tablet

Presbyopia is an eye condition that is a normal part of aging. This eye condition occurs when the eyes gradually lose their ability to see things clearly when up close. People after the age of 40 may start to experience this, despite any previous LASIK or eye surgery because there is no way to reverse […]

An Elderly’s Guide on Knowing About Laser Eye Surgery

Senior woman who is a candidate for laser eye surgery

For many seniors, it’s common knowledge that father time is not friendly because of how it can significantly affect one’s health across all aspects, especially when it comes to eyesight. If you’re right at the start of your sixties, you might be experiencing some sort of difficulty with your eyesight. Whether it’s a gradual blurriness, […]

Monovision & Lasik Surgery: What to Know About Them

An Elderly Woman Sitting On A Couch Reading A Book

The gift of sight is one of the most vital senses that humans have. Nothing can be more frustrating than having eye problems, whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, or have blurred vision. For the most part, using eyeglasses is the most common way to deal with such eye issues. However, there are now other advanced […]

Your Eyes & Age: How Aging Can Affect Your Sight

Older man wearing a long sleeve shirt using digital gadgets.

As humans, it is only natural that we all age as we go through the years and go through one birthday and life-changing experience after another. From the moment the gray hairs start showing to the day you get your first set of dentures, it is no secret that that age isn’t so kind to […]