Types of Corneal Conditions and Their Treatment Methods


Are you experiencing eye pain or irritation? This may be a sign of a corneal condition, and you may need to have it checked by a professional soon. The cornea is the transparent outer layer at the front of the eye that helps the eye focus light. This light is then sent to the optical […]

Understanding Astigmatism and How It Can Worsen Over Time

Light streak from car tail lights, visualizing the symptoms of astigmatism

People with eye problems can develop various concerns that often require them to wear eyeglasses or undergo a specific laser eye surgery if they wish to achieve a clear vision. If you’re experiencing astigmatism, your situation is known for either remaining the same or changing slowly with each appointment you make with your eye doctor. […]

Can Nearsightedness Be Passed on to the Next Generation

Mother with son at a glasses store. An example of how nearsightedness can be passed down via genetics

Parents who have eye conditions often worry that their children may have inherited their visual issues as well. If a parent suffers from severe short-sightedness, what are the chances that their children will have the same condition? The burning question is: Is myopia hereditary, and how likely is a parent to pass it on to […]

Recovering After LASIK Surgery: 5 Things You Should Do

Man sitting down in front of his laptop holding up five fingers.

Taking good care of your eye’s health is important, especially in today’s times when many interactions are now through monitors and screens. For people who need eye correction treatments, LASIK surgery is a viable solution to ditch the need for glasses and contacts. Although it promises permanent effects, patients should still take post-operative care of […]

The Most Common Eye Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Older man rubbing his eyes

Having good eyesight is something we all take for granted until issues arise. We are often too engrossed in our daily lives, failing to see that our vision allows us to enjoy so many activities. They quite literally serve as our windows to the world. Taking a pause and considering the gift of sight should […]


Dear clients, We are currently closed. We will update you when it becomes clear that we can operate safely. We urge you to follow the recommendations of our Provincial Health Officer; social distancing and staying at home for all non essential occupations. Wash hands frequently and support your neighbours. We are all in this together. […]

4 Tips to Help You Select the Best Laser Eye Surgery Company

Valley Laser Eye Centre patient checking in at front desk

Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional. Are you looking to have laser surgery performed on your eyes? If you are, then it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the companies that offer laser eye surgery. While it’s tempting to […]

Most recent research on cataract surgery

Post operative results showed 100% of patients acheived 20/25 or better uncorrected. Distance, intermediate and reading vision. 66 patients were enrolled in the study. The only lens implanted was PanOptix trifocal.