Dealing with ICL Surgery: Preparation and Aftercare

This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.

If you’ve had trouble with your eyesight due to short-sightedness (myopia) or astigmatism, you may need to look into procedures like Implantable Contact Lens Surgery (ICL surgery). This type of surgery is beneficial to those who want to have their vision enhanced without wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses. Like most surgeries, it requires preparation before and after you get it. If you decide to opt for this surgery, you should take the following tips into account:

Prepping for an ICL Surgery

1 – Inform Your Employer

This type of surgery usually takes 24 hours to recover from. You need to let your employer know in advance so you can make the necessary adjustments, such as reducing your workload, for the time being.

2 – Ask Someone to Help You Out

You cannot drive yourself home after the surgery. Make sure you have someone to accompany you for a while. They have to drive you home, help with chores, and escort you to places while you’re recovering.

3 – Stop Taking Certain Medications

Experts recommend staying away from medication such as aspirin and warfarin seven to ten days before surgery. If you have any other medicines that you take regularly, let the doctor know weeks before the surgery.

The Day of the Surgery

You can still shower and come in well-groomed before surgery, but do not wear any sort of makeup or perfume that might compromise the procedure. It is also necessary to avoid wearing false eyelashes on the days leading to the surgery.

If you have been experiencing eye discomfort, such as soreness or hypertension, it is best to inform your doctor.

After the Surgery

1 – Do as Instructed by Your Doctor

Your doctor will hand you a list of instructions related to aftercare. If there is any medication they prescribe, take it as instructed. Anything listed on the things to avoid should be avoided at all costs.

2 – Rest and Refrain from Heavy Activity

It is completely understandable to take some time off to recover from surgery. Take some time to heal and avoid doing any strenuous activity. Have your helper do the things that you are not capable of doing yet.

3 – Do Not Strain Your Eyes

Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes after the procedure. Also, do not use gadgets excessively or read under dim lights. Avoid going out to polluted areas or and bright sunlight for at least a month.

In conclusion

When it comes to preparing for ICL surgery, another good tip is to stay calm and positive. Surgery can feel intimidating, but as long as you’re in the right hands, everything will run smoothly. And once it’s done, give yourself some time to recover. Though it may take time to heal, the surgery can make your life better and easier.

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