Debunking 8 Misconceptions About LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Your eyesight is one of the most critical senses of your body. There have been plenty of discussions about getting LASIK and how it can help correct your eyes, though many are hesitant about laser eye surgery. Oftentimes though, the anxiety and uneasiness are due to some myths and misinformation regarding the operation.

It’s best to be as fully informed as possible about LASIK laser eye surgery rather than just basing what you know about it off of hearsays, especially if you’re interested in treating your vision. Here are some of the common misconceptions about laser eye surgery:

Laser Eye Surgery Is Painful

One of the most common things that customers fear when getting LASIK is how painful it will be. In all actuality, laser eye surgery doesn’t hurt. Anaesthetic eye drops are administered by the professional before the actual operation, which will help you avoid any discomfort or pain during the operation.

Laser Eye Surgery Is Too New

If you think that LASIK is just a new concept, it’s time for the truth! The FDA had actually approved LASIK more than 20 years ago already. The operation has also been enhanced and made even safer, thanks to the development in technology. It’s a very modern solution that’s deemed highly secure, effective and satisfactory.

Laser Eye Surgery Won’t Work If You Blink

There have been rumours that laser eye surgery won’t work its magic if a patient moves, sneezes, or so much as blinks during the operation. That’s not true, though, considering that the laser is so accurate at tracking where you’re looking. It only takes milliseconds for them to react and follow your eyes, so you can rest assured that laser eye surgery will surely work!

Laser Eye Surgery Is Over-Expensive

Whether or not LASIK is over-expensive can be relative for different kinds of people. However, it is usually reasonably priced for the technology and service used. It’s also a good investment for your eyesight for a remarkable amount of time. Comparing the surgery to about a lifetime of changing contacts and glasses, it would be more cost-efficient to go with LASIK.

Being Too Old Make You Unqualified

Not at all––age can be a factor in whether or not you will be approved for LASIK, but don’t be discouraged. There have been countless patients in their 50s and 60s who apply and are able to get laser eye surgery.

Short-Sightedness Makes You Unqualified

Laser eye surgery helps correct the eyesight of patients with a prescription of +4 to -10, which actually encompasses a large percentage of people with impaired vision. There are shortsighted people who are still a part of that category, so it wouldn’t hurt to check first.

There Is No Follow-Up After The Laser Eye Surgery

Some patients are hesitant about getting laser eye surgery as it may be just a one-and-done deal. There are regular post-surgery appointments after LASIK, though, with one right after the surgery itself. That way, you can receive the right assessment and feel reassured.

It Will Be Months Before Recovering From Laser Eye Surgery

On the contrary, patients who have LASIK can recover fully a day after surgery. Yet, this can still depend, with several adjustments and being somewhat sensitive to light. The longest would probably be at least four days, but you don’t have to wait months to work or travel!


There are quite a number of misconceptions, and debunking them is very important. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have your eyesight checked and fixed in a flash, the opportunity is there with LASIK.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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