Eye Health Watch: What Are the 7 Red Flags of Cataracts?

Many people consider the eyes as the windows to one’s soul. These vital body organs help us see the world and convey our feelings and thoughts to others. However, as we age, our eyes become vulnerable to various diseases and conditions that compromise our vision, like cataracts. 

This disorder occurs when proteins inside the eye’s lens clump together and cause cloudiness. Certain behaviours like too much sun exposure without eye protection, smoking, high blood sugar, using steroid medications, and radiation exposure can increase your risk of getting it. Although this condition is understandably stressful, surgery can treat it. 

If you’re ready to get the treatment needed for your affected eye, this article will enumerate the warning signs you need immediate cataract surgery. 

1. Cloudy Vision

Cataracts are a condition that starts small and may not affect your vision significantly at first. However, as time passes, it can cause blurriness and cloudiness in your sight. Three types of cataracts affect different parts of the lens: posterior subcapsular, nuclear, and cortical. Also, those with atomic cataracts may experience “second sight,” a temporary improvement in their vision. 

2. Light Sensitivity 

Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is a condition where bright lights cause eye discomfort and pain. Eye doctors commonly link this symptom to conditions ranging from minor irritations to severe medical emergencies, including cataracts. 

Many people with cataracts experience sensitivity to light as a symptom. The brightness of sunlight can cause discomfort, particularly for those with posterior subcapsular cataracts. This cataract begins at the rear of the lens and obstructs the flow of light, often affecting one’s ability to read.

3. Rings around Light Sources

When your eye’s lens becomes cloudy, it can cause light to scatter, leading to the appearance of a halo around light sources. This problem can make seeing difficult, especially while driving at night with multiple light sources. If you have a cataract, this can be particularly dangerous as it can affect your ability to drive safely. Therefore, you should schedule professional surgery immediately. 

4. Yellow or Brown Eye Tinges

As cataracts develop, the protein clusters that obscure your lens may change colour and become yellow or brown. That causes all light entering your eye to have a yellow hue. It also alters your perception of colours and impairs your ability to distinguish between them. However, after cataract surgery, you’ll feel enchanted at how vivid and vibrant the world appears again with all its colours.

5. Frequent Eyewear Replacements 

Sometimes, when people regularly visit their eye doctor to replace their eyeglasses or contact lenses frequently, it doesn’t always mean they’ve misplaced them. If this happens, it could be a warning sign of cataracts. 

Although you may assume that buying a more robust pair of reading glasses will solve the issue, it won’t. Instead, you should immediately visit your eye doctor, as you may have cataracts or another eye problem that requires immediate surgery or medical attention. 

6. Double Vision

Cataracts can cause double vision and seeing multiple images of a single object. Seeing double happens due to severe health concerns like brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. Also, it can indicate serious health concerns, while monocular double vision is more likely to be an issue with the cornea or lens of the eye. Moreover, cataracts are a common cause of diplopia.

7. Affected Night Vision

Cataracts can turn yellow or brown as they progress, impacting night vision and making tasks like driving more challenging. When this happens, you should be careful and avoid driving if you have impaired vision. You can minimize your risk of car accidents by scheduling professional cataract surgery. 


Nobody deserves to suffer from cataracts because they can prevent you from doing essential tasks and seeing the world’s beauty. You can preserve your vision by monitoring the warning signs and scheduling professional surgery. 

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This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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