Here’s Why You Need to Get LASIK before Summertime

LASIK is refractive surgery carried out by medical professionals. Many people get it in order to address the likes of myopia and astigmatism. It’s gotten popular since its inception because of the way it corrects vision almost instantly afterwards.

You keep putting off getting LASIK because you keep thinking it’s a big decision to make. In the meantime, you’re buying glasses, losing them then getting replacements. Or you’re buying contact lenses alongside eye drops, contact solution and cases. If you want to go through with LASIK, there is no better time than the present. Specifically springtime, before the summer comes around!

Here are some of the key reasons why you need to get LASIK before summertime:

Get LASIK Before Summer For A Fresh Look

Everyone tends to get in their best shape for summertime. Exercising for weight loss, updating wardrobe choices, debuting new hairstyles-it’s definitely a time for being at the top of your game. What better way to cap all that off than ditching your glasses or contacts?

To begin with, it makes experimenting with makeup looks more enjoyable since there are no obstructions or particular sensitivities. Additionally, it makes wearing just sunglasses convenient. Remember the last time you tried switching between glasses and sunglasses? Or the way you tried to make transition lenses work, but there were moments when they were mainly just a hassle? With LASIK, you will never have to deal with all that again!

Instead of wearing sunglasses and having your eyeglasses in hand or hanging from your swimsuit, you can just walk out into the sunlight with the sunglasses only.

Get LASIK Before Summer For Travel To Be Simpler

Accidentally dropping or losing glasses in the midst of travel, far away from your ophthalmologist, is not ideal. They need an eyeglass cleaner and case, which will take up space in your personal bag. Nobody wants blurry vision at the beach. If you wear contacts, you’ll have to bring a whole lot of stuff like contact solution in your bag. If you’re going on a vacation by plane, all that is on top of other 3 oz. liquids allowed like moisturizer.

Eliminate the need for things that complicate travel by just getting LASIK! There’s no better time than before travelling to a new place or revisiting an old favourite location to finally have perfect vision.

Get LASIK Before Summer To Have Optimum Recovery Time

Lasik surgery takes a few days to recover from, but you can drive the day after the surgery. The surgery shouldn’t be done during the summer because you can’t go swimming with your new eyes until at least two weeks after the procedure. Chlorine-filled water in new eyes could destroy the tissue or cause diseases.


LASIK is a surgery that is meant to correct vision issues. People looking to get it done will do well to schedule it during spring, before summer. The advantages of that include optimum recovery time, simpler travel and a fresh look.

This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.

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