How to Take Care of Your Eyes in the Winter: 2 Tips to Know

Winter is a time where snowmen come to life, hot drinks are the gold standard, and unexplainable levels of joy and excitement lingering in the air.

During seasons like these, we can’t help but think about the year that we’ve had and the different ways to end everything with a bang right before another year starts. In fact, you’re probably building your wishlists, writing down your plans for the holidays, and coming up with crafty ways to hold fun events during the season.

At this moment, it might be an understatement to say that there are many things on your mind because this entire year itself was a roller coaster. From coming close to experiencing a third world war to the continuous onslaught of COVID-19, the number of reasons to be glad that the year is coming to a close is nearly endless.

While you’d most likely want to spend the last month of this year with a sense of optimism, we’ll need to point out one matter that you haven’t thought of yet (but definitely should): You’ll need to start protecting your eyes a little harder.

What’s the link between winter and eye health?

It might be the last thing on your mind as wintertime sets in, but your eye is one of the most vulnerable parts of your health during the winter because of the effect that such conditions can inflict.

At Valley Laser Eye Center, we receive an influx of patient concerns regarding problems that come up during the winter because of how uninformed most people are. With the winter season being particularly aggressive in terms of chilly winds and lower temperatures, any pair of eyes can be put through a rough patch, regardless if you’re snowboarding or going to work.

How to care for your eyes during the wintertime

When it comes to carrying out adequate wintertime eye care, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure no trouble suddenly affects your vision. Let’s now look at some of the simplest yet most effective ways to ensure to keep your eyes healthy until the chilly winds are substituted for warmer ones:

Tip #1: Stay hydrated

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your eyes don’t dry out because of the harder, colder winds is to keep your eyes moist by drinking as much water as possible. When you remain hydrated at all times, it becomes easier to stay satiated enough to make a world of difference because healthier insides make for stronger eyes!

Tip #2: Moisturize your eyes

Aside from drinking lots of water, another effective way to ensure that your eyes don’t dry out during the winter is by investing in some eye drops to keep everything nice and moist. While you may avoid other heat sources that mess with your eyes, supplementing your efforts with a drop of artificial tears here and there will help keep everything healthy!


With winter in full swing, it’s important to ensure that your eyes are in perfect health because of how aggressive the cold weather can get. Nevertheless, by following the two tips mentioned above, you will help ensure that your eyes stay in perfect shape all-year-round so that you don’t run into any problems while enjoying the winter fun!

If you’re looking to keep your eyes in perfect health with the help of an expert ophthalmologist in Abbotsford, get in touch with us today to have one of the best eye care treatments in Canada!

(Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented before consulting a fully certified medical professional.)



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