Myopia in Children – What Parents Should Be Aware Of

Myopia or near-sightedness is a vision problem that typically starts when a child is between six and 14 years old. Kids whose parents are nearsighted tend to be at a higher risk of developing myopia. 

In recent years, there has been a rise in myopia cases, especially in children and experts think it could be attributed to how much kids spend their time using computers and mobile devices.

As a parent or guardian, you should be concerned about myopia, especially if your kids constantly use gadgets. In this post, the best laser eye clinic in Abbotsford, BC, shares information on this topic that you will find helpful:

How Does Myopia Develop?

As a human eye grows, it starts to relentlessly focus on objects closer to the eyes. When a child under the age of 10 has myopia, the eye muscles are still flexible, and it can be corrected with proper optical correction.

However, when the child reaches a certain age, the eye becomes rigid and fails to grow properly, especially if the child is constantly using gadgets. This issue is known as high myopia or hyperopia when an eye is too long. A child with high myopia faces difficulty seeing things from a distance.

What Are Its Symptoms?

Children cannot communicate the symptoms of myopia so well, which can make it harder for their parents to notice it. One of the common symptoms of myopia is blurred vision when used to seeing things from afar. However, when a child with myopia uses their glasses, the problem seems to be fixed.

Another common symptom of myopia is eye irritation or discomfort when used to seeing things from a distance. As the condition worsens, the child will experience a headache after long hours of working on the computer.

How Is Myopia Diagnosed?

Your doctor will ask you questions about your kid’s symptoms and how often they use technology like computers, tablets, and smartphones. The doctor will also examine your kid to see if there is an increase in the eyeball’s length and may even perform a retinoscopy test. The doctor will shine a light into your kid’s eyes and see if the light is reflected in this test.

How Is Myopia in Children Treated?

Parents often wonder how to treat myopia in children. In most cases, it is treated by wearing a pair of glasses. The glasses may either focus light to the front or the back of the eye.

Another possible treatment for myopia is through the use of contact lenses. There are several types of contact lenses specifically designed for people with myopia. Lenses placed in front of the eye are known as negative lenses, which are used to reduce the length of the eye. These types of lenses make an image bigger, which allows your eyes to relax and stop focusing on things that are very close to them.


Common vision problems in children can be treated easily. However, if your child is experiencing blurry vision, eye pains, or discomfort, you should have them checked by a doctor. It is important to treat myopia in children as soon as they are diagnosed with the condition, so it doesn’t progress to extreme myopia. It is equally important to prevent your child from spending too much time using their gadgets. Talk to your child’s doctor about the best way to manage myopia.

For concerns like extreme myopia, make sure to take your child to the best laser eye clinic in Abbotsford, BC – Valley Laser Eye Centre. We offer a variety of vision correction treatments that can help your child. Contact us today to set an appointment!



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