The Best Remedies for Dry Eyes Caused by LASIK Surgery – Our Guide

The purpose of a LASIK surgery is to correct vision problems and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Although this surgery is effective in improving vision, a common side-effect is dry eye syndrome. The laser procedure of the surgery involves cutting off nerves in the cornea, which results to dry eyes. When this happens, the eye produces fewer tears, thereby leading to dry eyes.

There are other causes of dry eye, aside from undergoing LASIK surgery. Some causes include overexposure to digital screens, medical conditions that limit tear productions, or constant wearing of contact lenses. However, people who undergo LASIK vision correction surgery are considered more prone to experiencing dry eyes. Some patients experience this within weeks after their procedure. Meanwhile, other patients experience symptoms that go on for months or even longer.

How to Treat Dry Eyes Before and After LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgeons may recommend treatment for dry eyes before or after LASIK surgery. Treatment before LASIK surgery is advised for the purpose of precaution. This is to reduce the risk of severe cases of dry eyes after the surgery. Here are some of the helpful ways to treat dry eyes, whether before or after LASIK surgery.

Flaxseed oil or fish oil

As a treatment to prepare a patient for vision correction surgery, doctors may recommend an oral dosage of flaxseed or fish oil. These two oils are known to improve the tear film of the eyes. This must be done several weeks before the surgery, depending on the advice of the doctor.

Lubricating eye drops

Lubricating eye drops are the most commonly advised treatment for dry eyes by medical professionals. It is ideal as a treatment before or after a LASIK procedure. Most eye drops are known for lubricating the eye and maintaining eye moisture. Meanwhile, other eye drops are induced with anti-inflammatory medications. By reducing inflammation, the body produces more tears.

Punctal plugs

Eye surgeons or specialists also recommend the use of Punctal plugs. This remedy works by blocking the tear drainage, which results in increasing eye moisture. This is best recommended for patients that have dry eyes after LASIK surgery.

Healthy diet and hydration

The best cure to dry eyes is to find a way to prevent it before it starts to happen. To reduce the risk of dry eyes, experts recommend a simple healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Patients are advised to eat food or take supplements that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are considered β€œgood fats” that maintain the health of the tear film.


Before undertaking LASIK surgery, make sure to discuss the risks of dry eyes with the concerned surgeon. It is also best to mention any eye symptoms, such as eye sensitivity or inflammation. These symptoms might indicate dry eyes or may lead to that if not treated early.

Dry eyes syndrome is a serious issue that results in disruptive pain and discomfort. The treatments provided in this blog post do not replace medical advice and should not be implemented before consulting a fully certified medical professional.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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