Things to Keep in Mind After Your Cataract Surgery

The World Health Organization reported that more than two billion people have a visual impairment. They further pointed out that cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness. It also said more than half the affected have not had their eye issue assessed by a medical professional.

If you had cataract surgery, the doctor replaced your cloudy natural lens with a clear artificial one. Although you were fresh from the operation, you will not feel any pain. You may find your eye itchy, sticky and overall uncomfortable. 

After one to three days, you will see better. But some patients have to wait for three to ten weeks before they can experience the full benefits. Your doctor will instruct you on how to care for yourself after the cataract surgery. On top of that, they will give you a bandage, patch, or clear shield for your eye to prevent you from rubbing your eye.

If you are about to undergo the said operation, you may want to learn more about post-surgery tips for your eye. 


If you feel tired, you should immediately rest. Getting enough sleep helps us recover faster. Doctors usually recommend wearing the eye bandage, patch, or shield during sleep. And they may tell you to wear it the entire day. 

Cataract surgery patients have trouble judging distances for the first days after the operation. In this case, you should move slowly to avoid hurting yourself. You should have someone assisting you, especially when going up and down the stairs or when pouring hot liquids.

You can shower or wash your hair after the cataract surgery but be careful not to have water, soap, shampoo, hair spray, and shaving lotion come in contact with your eye. Please avoid wearing eye makeup for one to two weeks. If possible, you should refrain from using face creams and lotions.

It is best that you avoid strenuous activities, such as biking, jogging, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise for two weeks. You should also ask your doctor if it is okay to drive. Please also refrain from using hot tubs, gardening, swimming, and dusting for one to two weeks.


As mentioned, your doctor will instruct you on what to do (or not do) right after your cataract surgery. This includes your medications. Make sure that you understand all your doctor’s directions.

If you were taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medication prior to the surgery, you should ask your doctor whether you can start taking it again. 

You should also follow your doctor’s instructions when using eye drops. Most importantly, follow basic hygiene, such as washing your hands before applying the said medication. 


They say that we can never appreciate things until they are gone. Thankfully, we have innovative technology to restore our eyesight. In order to make it succeed, you should religiously follow your doctor’s instructions. Doing this will also prevent any infections.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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