Concerning Cataract Surgery: When Is It Time to Have One?

The perfect time to have cataract surgery is when your doctor informs you a cataract is in your eye(s) and needs to be taken out.

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Just kidding. As much as we’d like the answer to be simple, it’s more complex than that. However, this fact is plain as day: Only cataract surgery can successfully remove them since there are no medications or eye drops available to prevent or reverse this vision problem even today.

If a cataract is causing blindness, however, new eyeglasses may be able to help an individual see more clearly. If a cataract is causing nearsightedness or a change in an individual’s prescription, new prescription eyeglasses can help improve blurred vision.

Finding the Right Time for Cataract Surgery

A cataract in one eye is usually not removed just because they are there. Some patients suffer from cataracts that do not cause blurred vision, interfere with routines, or prevent them from living active and productive lives. 

People in this category should not undergo unnecessary surgery to remove their cataracts in such cases. However, if a person has blurry vision that makes it difficult to read print or signs when mobile; has disabling glare while driving at night; or has difficulty engaging in hobbies such as knitting, crochet, or card games, it is time to consider cataract surgery. 

In short, if a person has a cataract and resultant blurred vision that makes it difficult to do anything they want and need to do, it is time to consider cataract surgery.

Does the Condition Have to Develop Fully before Considering Cataract Surgery?

No, cataracts do not have to become “ripe” before extraction. A cataract that is at a stage where it can safely be removed is called an operable cataract. Modern advances in cataract removal allow the lens to be extracted from the eye in early or later stages.

It is true, though, that the longer a cataract develops, the more it hardens. More advanced cataracts are more challenging to remove than those in their early stages. However, in most cases, it is safer to remove a cataract sooner rather than later; most of the time, however, an individual should not undergo surgery unless they are experiencing blurred vision caused by the cataract.

Cataracts can develop slowly and without symptoms, but they can worsen quicker if exposed to a chemical or an eye injury.

If you suffered or suffer from any type of eye injury, it is essential to watch for any inflammation in the affected area and seek immediate care. Cataracts can cause increased intraocular pressure that can lead to glaucoma. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause blindness, so any increase in eye pressure must be treated immediately.

The Confirmation Must Come From the Patient

Despite all the information presented above, it takes two people to complete cataract surgery: the doctor and the patient. It’s important to understand that patients need to decide for themselves whether or not to have cataract surgery. At this point, doctors can only guide them and provide information. Patients ultimately need to make an informed choice.

Other Solutions When Cataract Surgery Is Not an Option

The great news is that those who decide to put off cataract surgery can use anti-glare products for home and work. These include brighter lighting, contrasting colours, and polarized sunglasses. Magnifying lenses can be purchased for reading, as well.

The Climactic Conclusion on Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is only recommended for those with trouble seeing because of cataracts or at risk for complications from other eye diseases. Therefore, this procedure is only recommended when the outcome is expected to improve vision. Before surgery, patients must discuss it with an ophthalmologist who can explain how cataracts affect their daily lives.

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