Why Fall Is the Best Time to Have Your Laser Eye Surgery

A lot of things happen during the fall season. The temperature becomes cooler, the leaves change colour, students go back to school, and pumpkin spice takes over every menu. It sounds like a great time to have your LASIK procedure too.

LASIK is a medical process that involves applying a laser in the middle of the corneal layer to create a partial thickness in the flap. Despite the misconceptions surrounding the procedure, many people have attested its ability to treat astigmatism, farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia), and more.

Although you can get the procedure done at any time and the recovery period is very short, here are some reasons why fall is one of the best times to get your laser eye surgery.

It’s Not Allergy Season

If you have seasonal allergies, spring and summer are not very fun for you. The pollen in the air irritates your eyes and makes them watery and itchy. That’s why summer and spring don’t offer the best conditions to be in if you want to have your LASIK surgery done.

Although there is still a bit of pollen in the air during autumn, it’s far less compared to summer and spring as most plants prepare for the winter. This clears up your allergies and puts you in the best condition you can be for your LASIK procedure.

The Nights Are Longer

It’s common to be sensitive to bright light after a LASIK appointment. Your eyes are getting used to the new corneal contour and flap. To help your eyes adjust and recover better, wearing sunglasses is strongly encouraged after surgery.

While you’re exposed to long hours of daylight during summer and snow glare during winter, fall has none of that. The shorter days during fall minimize your daylight exposure and allow your eyes to recover more comfortably.

You’re Less Preoccupied

Regardless of whether you’re a working adult or a student going back to school in the fall, it is ideal to schedule your LASIK procedure between September and October. In these two months, you are least likely to be busy.

Although students go back to school during this time, the course work may be lighter since school has just started. There are no final exams or papers to cram yet. If you’re working, you can plan your surgery around the statutory and regional holidays during this time. There are a few in September and October.

In Preparation for the Holidays

Have you ever experienced running out of a contact lens solution while on a holiday family trip? Or worse, you had to squint the entire trip because you broke or lost your glasses for the nth time? If you have, you know what a relief it would be not to experience those ever again.

By opting to have your laser eye surgery in the fall, you’re saving yourself from paying extra to fly with your large bottle of contact lens solution or the frustration of not seeing properly because your glasses broke. In this sense, having LASIK surgery during autumn makes your holidays a lot merrier.


Fall is an ideal time to get laser eye surgery. Not only does it offer the best conditions for you to have a successful surgery and a comfortable recovery, but you’ll also get to enjoy the wonderful colours of the season with clearer vision.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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