Why Getting Lasik Amidst Coronavirus Is Best for Your Eyes

One of the first things set from the very onset of the coronavirus pandemic is the importance of handwashing, as it reduces the risk of exposure to and transfer of the virus. While research is still actively ongoing regarding the specific ways it spreads, touching surfaces with infected droplets is widely believed to be one of the primary modes of transmission. Covid-19 particles can live on surfaces for prolonged periods, transferable entirely by hand.

In this vein, touching one’s face is highly discouraged, and so is wearing contact lenses. More than ever, if you have issues with your vision, now is the time to be proactive in getting things resolved. See an optometrist. If you are asked to wear glasses or contact lenses, or if you already wear them, look into how you can avoid touching your face and eyes much less.

For the most part, laser eye surgery is worth looking into.


Lasik is a refractive surgery that gives a long-lasting alternative to contact lenses and eyeglasses. It is extremely beneficial and corrects vision with minimal to no pain at all. Neither bandages nor stitches are required or involved. Should there be changes to your vision as you age, adjustments can be made years after. Most people who get surgery from the best laser eye doctor lose their dependence on contact lenses and eyeglasses entirely.

Aside from no longer having to touch your eyes and face as much, there are several benefits to getting Lasik, such as:

  • Allergy reduction – Headaches can occur from wearing contact lenses or glasses for too long. There’s also a much lower tendency to have any irritation in the eyes after having Lasik.
  • Better nighttime vision – Without lights reflecting off of glasses or dry contacts after several hours of wear, your eyes can adjust better between light and dark.
  • Confidence boost – There’s something rather empowering about no longer wearing contact lenses or glasses. Losing the need to squint to see things also vastly decreases the tendency for crow’s feet to gather.
  • Cost-efficient – Eyeglasses can break by accident or get lost. Repairs and replacements can add up. The same goes for contact lenses, which also have the additional cost of cleaning solution. Getting a one-time vision adjustment is a long-term investment.
  • Freedom – This sounds extreme, but think about it. How many times have you gone on a trip or walked into your office only to realize you’d left your glasses at home? How many times has a contact lens fallen out at an inconvenient time? Lasik eliminates all of these inconveniences and worries in a snap.
  • Time-saver – Going to the optician, waiting for frames or lenses, having to go and get replacements or repairs—these are all activities that take quite a bit of time. Getting laser eye surgery can eliminate all of that and save you a lot of time.


While there is no vaccine for coronavirus just yet, there are already enough markers for us to know some ways to possibly avoid contracting it. Lasik allows you to worry about one less possible avenue to contract the disease. Now more than ever, being in the best possible place health-wise is vital.

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This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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