Why You Should Get LASIK Surgery, Plus Basic Things to Know

Eyeglasses have been the fix people with vision problems have relied on for a long time now. Those who experience difficulty reading text, distinguishing between people and objects, and those who always get blurry vision due to astigmatism benefit significantly with the help of the proper specs. 

Then came contact lenses which made things a little lighter for these people. By wearing the corrective lenses on their eyes per se, they get more perks. No more frames obstruct their view, and the lenses move with their eyes, providing a more natural and clear vision. Still, this option has its fair share of limitations.

Contact lenses require more care than glasses, have their expirations, and are more expensive than your graded spectacles. Some can only be worn eight hours a day and can get you serious eye infections if not cleaned well. 

Fortunately, there is another option you may consider for a clearer and more comfortable view—the LASIK surgery.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is a permanent fix for people’s various eye concerns, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These eye problems occur because the eyeball or cornea is not in its normal condition. During this procedure, the eye surgeon reshapes your eyes’ cornea to provide the necessary refraction. Therefore, correcting your vision. 

Why You Should Consider It

After a LASIK surgery, your vision would be much like wearing your contact lenses, but for a long time—a lifetime if you manage to keep your eyes healthy. Once the surgery is done, you no longer have frames to consider or contact lenses to take out before you sleep at night. It may take some time before you fully recover, but the life-changing opportunity is worth the wait. 

How Effective and Safe Is LASIK Surgery?

People have been questioning the effectiveness and safety of this surgery for the longest time. Since the eye surgeon will be directly tweaking an eye part, it is only normal for people to get frightened about the process. However, you should know that it has a high success rate. It is one of the safest eye-related surgeries you can get. As of writing, its complication rate is less than one percent.

Furthermore, not everyone who wants to undergo LASIK surgery would get this surgery. The tests before the procedure are thorough, and only those who meet the requirements would be allowed to enjoy the clear vision 24/7. Because of this rigorous checking process, you can guarantee that the whole procedure is reliable. 

More and more people are having their visions restored, thanks to this procedure. If you want the same for yourself, go to the nearest laser eye clinic for an eye assessment.  

How Much Is the Process

Another reason people are hesitant to try this service is because of the fee. The cost of LASIK surgery is definitely not cheap. Moreover, do not expect your health insurance to cover it. Fortunately, more eye centres offer payment plans to make the whole operation easy on people’s budgets.  

If you also compute it, spending a considerable amount on surgery can help you save more compared to a lifetime of replacing your glasses and contact lenses. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment. 


If you have been longing for that 20/20 vision, it is time you consider getting a LASIK procedure. This eye surgery has its pros and cons, but it can help give you a more comfortable life without the need to use your glasses or contact lenses. With this procedure, you can finally have a correct vision and enjoy living your life without hassle. 

LASIK surgery is your best alternative if you think it is time to move on from your glasses and contact lens. Make sure to book your appointment with a reputable and reliable laser eye clinic in Abbotsford, BC. Valley Laser Eye Centre has completed over 70,000 vision-correcting procedures, including LASIK surgery. Call us at (604) 504-3937 or send an email at info@vlec.ca to learn more about our service.  

This blog post does not replace medical advice and should not be implemented prior to consulting a fully certified medical professional.



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