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What Is ICL?

ICL, are contact lenses that are surgically inserted into the eye. They provide excellent quality of vision with predictable and stable results. And are removable.

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The Key Benefits of ICL Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

$4675 per eye, enhancement included unless otherwise discussed.

ICL are safe, and have less risks than PRK or LASIK. They are also removable for your future vision needs.

ICL surgery is painless and you should experience little to no discomfort after surgery.


What Our Patients Say

I had ICL surgery at this clinic. The service was amazing and the treatment I received from Dr. Blaylock was just excellent. The way I was treated by all of the staff at the clinic was excellent, helpful and caring. I did my research and chose this clinic, I am 100% satisfied with my choice, and post surgery, my sight is 20/20….amazing. I cant thank everyone at the clinic enough!


My experience with VLEC was amazing. They provide the utmost level of professionalism and service. They’ve changed the way I see the world literally! πŸ™‚


I woke up this morning, the day after my ICL surgery, feeling as though I was in a different body. I rolled over to look at my alarm clock and to my astonishment, I could see the time imprinted on it in astonishing detail without squinting or putting on my glasses. I went to have a shower and immediately noticed that I could read the shampoo bottles without bringing them an inch away from my face. These are the types of experiences I get to have (and more) now that I’ve completed my eye surgery.

Like everyone, I was nervous, like REALLY nervous. Not only me but my entire family. I’d be approached regularly by different family members telling me “Oh! My Mom’s friend’s friend had laser eye surgery done and now she has dry eyes” or “I know a guy who had Lasik done and they wouldn’t recommend it” all of these comments followed by the “You shouldn’t get the surgery done, Jesse, you’re making a terrible decision!”. All of this compounded at the idea (in the back of my head) of possibly going blind. In practice, with today’s modern practices and medicine, the chances of having any of these side effects are INCREDIBLY rare. Even if they were possible, they would be spotted during the many pre and post exams and more than likely corrected before they get worse.

The moment I entered the clinic for my surgery time, I was immediately put at ease. Every single staff member from the front desk reception, to the nurses, operating area staff, to the surgeon’s assistants and to the surgeon himself (Dr Blaylock) do a phenomenal job at putting your mind at ease. They are all incredibly calm, knowledgeable and friendly. Blaylock was incredible during the quick 7 minute per eye procedure. Throughout the procedure, in the calmest and most soothing voice, he would constantly be saying “You’re doing great, Jesse” “Everything is going well””Great job, yes, keep it up”. The surgery went by fast and I didn’t feel a thing. You don’t even see the instruments being brought up to your eye either as you’re focusing on a very bright light the entire time. All you have to do is follow the gentle directions from Blaylock during the surgery.

While the most premium option and not exactly cheap, I would still highly recommend ICL to anyone. While, Lasik and PRK are still options, there are several reasons why ICL is superior to both of those (if you’re eligible for it). Do your research on EVO Visian ICL or visit VLEC’s website if you’re interested in learning the benefits. Isn’t using our eyes the way they’re meant to be used and sharper, clearer vision worth the cost increase?

The reviews speak for themselves. Blaylock and his team are a world renowned surgical team who operate on people all around the world. Do yourself a favor and choose Valley Laser Eye Centre for your eye surgery consultation and surgery. You’ve got nothing to lose by booking a consultation. If you do choose to go ahead with any of the surgeries, be prepared for your life to be changed.


Dr. Blaylock and the staff at Valley Laser Eye Centre are amazing. From my initial consultation appointment, to the follow up appointment after my surgery, his team was professional, kind, and knowledgeable. To say that the implantable contact lenses changed my life dramatically is an understatement. I’ve needed to wear corrective lenses for over 40 years and now … I don’t need to (except for reading glasses. But that is just because of my age πŸ˜‚πŸ€£).

A HUGE shoutout to Dr. Blaylock and his team. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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