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About PRK

What Is PRK?

PRK surgery involves removing the epithelium with an Amoil’s brush and placement of the laser treatment on the outside surface of the cornea.


The Benefits

The Key Benefits of PRK Surgery

The Process

How to Prepare For Your PRK Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

$1875 per eye enhancement included.

It is a painless procedure; some (15% of people) will experience significant discomfort after PRK but is manageable with painkillers.

5 days off work.


What Our Patients Say

Dr. Blaylock explained clearly the various options and procedures, was very forthcoming about the pros and cons on them all and priced all the options so his profit is the same and he can’t be biased to sell one over the other. He genuinely allows his patients to make their own decisions for their own preferences empowered by the facts. The initial consults and surgery and follow ups were great, the recovery lasted a little longer than I would have hoped (I chose PRK) but was made aware of the potential side effects. Now a year later I can’t imagine going back to glasses again! Highly recommend Valley Laser Eye Centre


I had PRK done last year. My eyes are perfect now. The support staff were kind and answered all of my questions. I felt well taken care of throughout the whole process. Dr. Blaylock is very knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend Valley Laser if you are considering corrective eye surgery.


Had prk done January 10th by dr. Blaylock. Everything about this place is amazing – the staff, the care, the attention to detail. And to have the gift of being able to see again without glasses, and my dry eyes gone. So happy! Highly recommend this place! Going to miss all the ladies in the office and the technicians!


My experience with Valley Laser Eye Centre was very positive thru all aspects. Front end staff and nurses were friendly and welcoming and were handling the Covid safety standards very well and Dr Blaylock was excellent and very passionate about his work. I have since been told by both my optometrist and retinal surgeon who’s care I am under for my macular degeneration that considering the eye issues I have that my results from the laser surgery are amazing. I give those amazing results to Dr Blaylock and feel very sure I would not have had the same success without his knowledge and expertise.


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