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Premium monofocal surgery is $4075 per eye
Premium multifocal surgery is $5775 per eye
Premium multifocal surgery post LASIK/PRK is $6575 per eye

There is an adjustment period with RLE, and it can take up to six months, or even longer for some patients, to achieve their ultimate visual expectations. Most likely you will see very well within days.

Absolutely, with our ORA system, a sophisticated device used to provide real time measurement, we can implant the proper lens that will give you optimal visual outcomes.


What Our Patients Say

Excellent from start to finish and to be able to see again made the process completely worthwhile. Definitely recommend them to anyone.

Personally, I think I received a miracle!


I had refractive lens exchange surgery to correct distance vision, less than 48 hrs ago. I was amazed the first day I could watch tv and see farther than before! This morning I woke up and was shocked and thrilled to be able to read fine print on the bottles of drops you use pre and post op! I thought this would take at least a week if not more.
Dr. Blaylock is a master at his profession, using the latest technology. Dr. Blaylock and the staff I seen were friendly, caring and efficient. The experience was a pleasure despite the nerves before surgery! So happy I decided to do this!


Two weeks have passed since my RLE surgery with Dr. Blaylock. I can not adequately express my gratitude or understate how impressed I was with Dr. Blaylock himself, his staff and the facility as a whole. I opted for the latest in multifocal lenses and the result has been frankly unbelievable. The only way that I can describe it adequately is to say that I feel that I have my teenage eyes back (I’m now 52). These lenses have completely corrected my near vision (my biggest problem), mid and long vision.

Two days after surgery I was using my phone, reading, driving without any issues at all. I just had a two week post-surgery check up with my optometrist who described both my vision and the quality of the procedure as “perfect”. He also quipped that he was not surprised since there’s no one better than Dr. Blaylock, who performed his lasik operation years ago.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Blaylock, Valley Laser Eye Centre and multifocal RLE surgery for anyone that is ready to happily toss your glasses away for life.


Dr Blaylock did lens replacement surgery
6 months ago, it has been life changing!!
I no longer need glasses for close up
Or distance, what freedom.
Dr Blaylock and his staff were professional, kind and patient with me, I have no reservations about
Referring him and his staff


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