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Dear Dr Blaylock and fantastic staff,
This has been a dream come true. Thank you for making everything about this process so easy and fun. Everybody is so friendly and kind. My parents were very nervous about the ICL procedure, but they were left feeling very reassured and excited. Diana was very thoughtful the day of the surgery bringing my mom upstairs, and all the ladies bedhind the desk helped rearrange my surgery date to be earlier. Thanks so much, Rebecca

A happy ICL patient - Avril 2018

I can't believe there are no reviews for VLEC and Dr. Blaylock. I travelled all over the world (Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore) and also spoked with Doctors from Switzerland, Germany and Texas to finally end up finding Dr. Blaylock. I've done extensive research and visited offices in person. After being told I wasn't able to get any sort of refractive surgery due to a cornea issue in one eye - Dr. Blaylock came up with an ingenious way help me out. I ended up doing PRK in one eye and a Custom ICL in the other and the results couldn't have been better. On top of that, he and his staff are the most caring, genuine people I have met in my year-long journey to fix my eyesight. I've shed so many happy tears at VLE. I love the people and it was well worth the 16 hours of flying and driving to get here!

In addition, I recommend any American with Astigmatism and considering ICL to come here. Canada has the newest lenses that we cannot get in the US. The prices are already cheaper and the exchange rates give US $ an extra discount.

Owen S. September 27, 2017

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Dr. Blaylock and the entire team at Valley Laser Eye Centre was excellent. I am now two and a half months post-op for a Toric ICL procedure and could not be happier about it. Would highly recommend if you're looking at having a procedure, if nothing else for another qualified opinion. The staff was all amazing, helpful, and friendly. If I ever spoke to someone who didn't know the answer to my question, they would actually go find the answer and get back to me. The facility is clean and well maintained.

Nicholas S.

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Dr. Blaylock and your lovely staff.
Thank you so much, you did a great job!
I can see in the distance now for the first time (without glasses) in 60 years!

Margaret F.

Denise Elizabeth G. September 28, 2017 Dr. Blaylock and his staff are careful, thorough and well organised. Although I was dreading surgery on this, my good eye, staff was calming and mellow. Doctor Blaylock was calm, quiet and patiently led me through the surgery. The next day when I went out to get my eyes checked I found that everything was wonderful. The world is so much clearer now and I see the colours that I have been missing. Raves to this gentle approach to a potentially very frightening operation

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Dear Dr. Blaylock,
Thank you for your expertise in my recent cataract surgeries.
I am thrilled with the successful outcome!
I had such confidence in you. No more glasses!
Again, thank you for a job well done.
Sincerely, Wendy L.

P.S. Your staff were superbs.

Wendy L.

Had lasik eye surgery in 2001 and my eyes are still 20/15
Ramey R. 2017

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Dr Blaylock,
In June of 2012 you performed cataract surgery on both my eyes. I think you might remember doing it. I heard that you said it could have been written up as a case study. I would like to thank you for taking the time to fix my eyesight.
Before the surgery I was scared of shadows when I would go for a walk outside. I had difficulty seeing my food on the table and would sometimes walk into things because I couldn't see them.
Now that my eyesight is better I can enjoy going outside again and I am once again able to find my staff's coffee cups more easily to be able to sneak some drinks.
So again Thank you! My quality of life has improved drastically because of your help.
Thank you!

Robert H.

Dear Sir,
I like to express my gratitude for a long time care you gave me.
And helped me to see the world so much brighter.
I am so grateful for it.
Thank you again. Have a great summer.
July 2017

Magdolna B

Wally M. August 31, 2017 Huge rave to Dr. John Blaylock and his wonderful staff at Valley Laser Eye Centre.I needed Cataract surgery done as my vision was so clouded that I couldn t function . It's always scary when someone is working on your eyes, but Dr. Blaylock has such a smooth calming manner that I felt comfortable instantly. Rachel, Mona , Stefanie, Dianne and the other staff members are so friendly and helpful. I certainly recommend them. Haven't seen this well since I was a child.

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From the welcoming reception staff to the best top eye surgeon Dr Blaylock.
My gratitude and thanfullness is overflown to have the clear vision you gave me.

Carlene P.

Dr Blaylock,
Thank you so much for your kindness and exceptional care regarding my corrective surgery. I was very nervous to undergo the procedure again with you and your lovely staff made the experience top notch. Thank you so much for this unbelievable gift!

Karina L.

Lasik eye surgery was the best thing I ever did about 16 years ago. Dr. Blaylock and his staff were very professional and helpful through the whole process. Now, 16 years later, my eyes are still 20/20 20/25. My recent visit to my eye doctor revealed that my eyes are fine and if I were to need read readers, about 1.5 power or so. Once again, best thing I ever did!
Arlene P. 2017

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Dr Blaylock, you have a wonderful team of people working for you. At every point they were warm and comforting, patient and kind. That was so reassuring as I went through this process.
And you were so kind as well. You have an amazing bedside manner, funny and joking around. I had nothing but confidence in you. Am very happy to be " one of those" and a challenge that turned out so successfull!
As everyone said completely life changing. Thank you.

In your case this statement couldn't be truer! My world is now so bright and clear all because of the magic you performed on my eyes. You are truly amazing and I will never forget you! Cheers August 2017

Heather M.

I have been concerned with glaucoma for 20 years ;thinking some day I might loose my vision ; after surgery replacing my natural lenses with toric lenses in both eyes ; don't need glasses my vision is 20 20! And my eye pressure has gone down to a non threatening level ! Dr Blaylock does cutting edge surgery is certainly advanced in his field ; wonderful staff ; would recommend greatly. Barbara M.

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Dear Dr Blaylock,
Thank you for doing such a great job on my eyes. I'm very happy with the results.
And "thank you" to your staff who have always been friendly and professional.
Warmest Regards.

August 2017

Linda N.

Dear Dr Blaylock,
Thank you so much for 2 successful surgeries, for your kindness and expretize. We are so fortunate to have a Doctor like you whom we can trust to do an excellent job, and giving us increased vision and renewed joy.
We will always be thankful to you abd God for making such a great difference in our lives.
With deep appreciation, thanks, best wishes and God's blessing.

Jake and Kathy H.

Dear Dr John Blaylock
It's very difficult for me to find the words to describe my gratitude for returning my eyesight.
I'm very fortunate to have a very remarkable surgeon who is exceptionally talented and dedicated in this specialized field.
ALso I would like to thank Sandra for her patience, kindness, caring and understanding while measuring both eyes for the upcoming surgery.
A big thank you to all your staff from the wonderful receptionists for their profesionalism and to the fantastic nurses in with pre-op and the operating room for the helpfulness and caring.
I will never forget you.

April 26, 2017

Shirley R.

At 24hrs post op, I've got 20/15 correction with my new intraocular collamer lenses (ICL). This was unexpected and I'm overwhelmed by my results. Valley laser uses measuring techniques unique in the field and their service was outstanding. I couldn't be happier. Kim Y. January 2015

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Dr Blaylock,

When you retire you will look back and remember the people you helped. You will know that your life was worthwhile.
Thank you for making the world look more beautiful and bright!

May 9, 2017

Janet P.